About Us

Our mission at Evopos is to give businesses the tools to become more efficient and profitable.

We take pride in that we give a very high level of help and support, and we take a personal interest in all of our users.

Evopos xx originated from practical business origins rather than a system designed solely by software programmers. The founders owned and ran a successful motorcycle dealership. They had looked at the various computer systems available and found them either too longwinded, too expensive or unable to handle many of the issues important to the success of their business. So they designed a unique system that would work the way the people who actually ran the business would like it to work. Other businesses saw how much time the system saved and demanded the system for their own businesses. So in 1985 a business systems company was formed to supply practical, specialised computer systems at an affordable price.

Evopos has been the market leader in the UK Motorcycle industry for many years, and with our new Evopos range of software we have gained a high reputation in other specialist industries.

Today we are an International company offering a range of products and support second to none.